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I work for Loughborough University's Computing Services department, as the Web Manager. Previously I was employed as the Internet/Intranet Project Officer, which involved enhancing the existing web services.

Video Conferencing

Previously I worked for the LUTCHI research group, for which I wrote the simplified session directory conferencing environment and the wbd whiteboard.

I now develop wbd as my spare time allows. So far I have produced a heavily improved version of wbd and released it in the form of a port to Windows 95.

I also have a Macintosh port of wbd, but there isn't much point in releasing it unless there is a good way to launch it - e.g. a session directory tool. The sd listener distributed by Apple as part of the Quicktime TV tools doesn't know how to launch other tools and there is not currently a port of sdr for the Macintosh.

Here are a few notes on building mrouted 3.9 for Linux.


Early in 1997 I released an OpenDoc image processor and format converter (for Macintosh 68k and PPC). The first version is fairly solid. I never seem to find the time to finish tidying it up.


Some time ago I wrote a transputer emulator. Initially I released only a Macintosh binary of the emulator, but later I released the full source code.

Current (er, as of 1999 :-)

Currently I am experimenting with:

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