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ColourEdit is a freeware OpenDoc Editor for processing and converting bitmap images. It handles images as 24 bit colour, 8 bit indexed colour or 8 bit grey pixels.

The current version is not final but is stable (at least for me!). The intended changes between this and the final version are mostly cosmetic apart from the addition of low bit-depth image export.

Download the ColourEdit OpenDoc part editor binary for PPC or 68k, or read the release notes.
Note: This is a test release. There will be bugs!

Please don't upload this editor onto other servers, it is not a final release.

Some points:

The final release is currently expected to be ready near the end of July.

ColourEdit supports these effects:

ColourEdit reads and writes these file formats: ColourEdit also reads (but does not write) these file formats: Due to patent issues ColourEdit does not and will not read or write GIF format images. I suggest that you take the W3C's recommendation and convert all your GIFs to PNG! Look here for a converter.

Please send any bug reports and comments to either of the addresses below.

W3C Wilbur Checked!

Written by Julian Highfield.

Copyright 1997, J.C.Highfield. All Rights Reserved.
Last updated 6th July 1997.