Simplified Session Directory

This is a simple "shell" application that grabs other windows and places them inside its own window. It is typically used with the mbone tools from LBL (wb, vic and vat) which provide a shared whiteboard, video and audio support. However, ssd is easily configured to use other conferencing tools.

Ssd provides:

Ssd is written in C, Tcl and Tk.

The screen layout of ssd.

This is an image of ssd running. The colours in the video windows are incorrect because vic was updating them as the screen capture was running. The layout shown is intended to fill half of the screen and leave the other half for the web browser.

Figure 1:  A screenshot of ssd.

The list at the top of the window is a shared list of URLs. Users can submit URLs to it using the button in the bottom left corner of the window. Double-clicking on one of the URLs in the list will send the user's browser (either Netscape or Mosaic) to that URL and will also launch the browser if it has not already been launched.

The conference entry and floor control parts of ssd aren't visible because this is only a user's ssd window, not the (slightly different) session chairman's version. They would appear in place of the right hand side of the URL list.

Using ssd.

Written by Julian Highfield