From 1997:

Transputer Emulator

I wrote this emulator several years ago, as a means of running transputer binaries without needing transputers. Since I no longer have that need it is no longer under active development.

It emulates a single T414 transputer (i.e. no FPU, no blitting instructions) and supplies the file and terminal I/O services that were usually supplied by the host computer system.

The emulator is purely interpretive, which means that it is very slow - usually a hundred to a thousand times slower than the machine it is run on, particularly since I avoided making certain optimisations so that the emulator remained easily portable.

Originally I released the emulator as a Macintosh binary. I am now making available the C source code to the emulator. It successfully compiles on both the Macintosh and a variety of BSD and Unix machines.

There is a more recent, bug-fixed version of the Macintosh binary available.

From 2009:

Gavin Crate's PC port of the emulator

Gavin Crate has been working on a PC port of the emulator. His work can be found at

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