Wbd v1.01 Binary Distribution for Windows 95


Wbd is a shared multicast whiteboard, hopefully compatible with the wb whiteboard from LBL.

This version is greatly improved from the original (v1.00) source release.


Wbd is a standalone executable, so you can simply copy it to its final home.

To handle postscript wbd requires Ghostscript to have been installed. The executable should be named gswin32c.exe and be in your path. Temporary files are stored in the directory C:\tmp, which must already exist.

Whichever version of Ghostscript you install must be have been built with the ppmraw device. I suggest using Aladdin Ghostscript v5.10 as the binaries of the GNU versions don't have the ppmraw device at this time. Note: Ghostscript generally assumes that it is installed in the directory C:\gs and that its fonts are in C:\gs\fonts.

If you wish to launch wbd from sdr place the provided plugin file (sdr2.plugin.S21.whiteboard.udp.wb.wb) in your sdr plugin directory (i.e. in $(HOME)\sdr\plugins)


Wbd is generally a lot slower than wb, and the Windows version is slower still. Drawing a page is particularly slow for pages with many marks or for pages with postscript data; since the updating of the cursor is not ideal it is not always obvious at such times that wbd is busy. When in doubt, wait a while.

Memory shortage can lead to strange problems. If you are using wbd in a session with many postscript slides it may be useful to reduce the number of cached postscript images (and thus the memory used to cache them) from the default of eight by using the -pscache command line option; however this will increase the number of times ghostscript will be launched to reinterpret the postscript data.


Download the tarred, gzipped archive.

A Windows un-tar-gzip tool.


The development of wbd was partly funded by the ESPRIT ROPA Award Scheme as part of the " Tools for the Construction of Value-Added Services on High-Speed Networks" project at LUTCHI Research Centre, Loughborough University.

Written by Julian Highfield

Last updated 5th March 1998